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For my eminent persons study I have decided to study Bethany Hamilton. You may recognize this name but she is more widely recognized as soul surfer.  Bethany is well known for her story of perseverance after losing her arm in a shark attack and continuing to pursue her career as a professional surfer. Bethany lost her left arm when she was 13 years old and barely survived the attack after losing 60% of her blood before reaching a hospital. Despite how incredible this story is Bethany’s shark attack is not why I choose her for this project. Bethany has grown from a shark attack victim into an international role model, she has inspired people all over the world with her unfailing perseverance and stubborn optimism.  Although Bethany hasn’t impacted the world with any majorly marked event her spirit and message is something that has changed perspectives all over the world. Bethany is truly eminent because of the person she is and not because of what happened to her in 2003.

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  1. What is Bethany doing to inspire others in the world? She shows others that you can overcome challenges and still be experiencing life to the fullest and pursue your passions, but how does she gets this message across in other ways? Can you give us some more examples of her stubborn optimism? How does this relate to you? What do you do to overcome challenges and obstacles? You are an amazingly, talented dancer who performs at a very high level. What do you do when the going gets tough or something does not quite go your way? What makes you able to focus on endless hours of practices, knowing you have still a long way to go before becoming the ballerina you know you can be down the road?

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