The French Resolution

The revolution was something I strongly supported, although I didn’t consider how it might affect me. Being abruptly abandoned by my husband at the beginning was far from easy but I made by and I am now happy to see I am glad such a terrible man is out of my life. Although the idea of the revolution was good people get out of control, I was not the only person wrongly imprisoned. Gladly, my dear Jean Tallien was kind enough to release me and take me under his wing. Once I found Jean things started to look up for my son and I, the fighting and chaos going on seemed much less terrifying when I had Jean as my safety net. Not only did he keep me safe but he allowed me to do my part by rescuing wrongly accused people from prison. When Jean was imprisoned my safety blanket was stripped away, I have to admit I was scared not only for him but for my own safety. I was all alone during the reign of terror and without protection my future was uncertain. I felt the weight of the revolution more than ever at this time and not until Jean Tallien was released from prison did I feel safe again, it marked the end of the revolution for me.  Although I am safe and happy the revolution is not without consequences.  The King was undoubtedly our leader and without this structure it will take time before a clear leader emerges. In the time it takes for this to happen all kind of problems will go undealt with. Although I may not have been one of the great leaders of this revolution I did manage to survive it. I hope to one day be remembered as a strong intelligent women who made a difference while managing to protect herself and her son. I feel proud of how I handled such a difficult situation and I’m sure people will one day recognize my strategic actions.

Madame Tallien

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