Madame Tallien

madame tallienAs a prominent aristocrat in Paris I am fascinated by the political action taking place currently. Although I can say I do not agree with the Kings decisions I do feel for the poor Queen. After meeting her she seems much alike myself, headstrong and impulsive but also kind. All the terrible rumours going around about things she said or did must be very irritating. At least she has a husband to go through it all with. Unlike my husband I’m sure the King is very supportive. My husband Marquis de Fontenay is not only mean and abusive but also ugly. As the young and beautiful daughter of the Spanish finance minister I could have had my choice of almost any husband but somehow I ended up with this greedy and irrational man. I can still do better than him! Not only do Marquis and I not get along we also have completely different points of view. While I believe that changes need to be made in our current society Marquis is a much more traditional thinker and believes no change is necessary. Luckily I am an independent women with my own opinions. The women who can’t even form their own thoughts without their husbands guidance are laughable. I on the other hand can sometimes be a little to independent, as my husband might say. Although I don’t depend on Marquis it is true I enjoy the financial security he can provide. In the future however I can see us parting ways, I’m not sure how I would feel about such an occurrence. As for the future politically I’m uncertain of what is coming. Whatever does happen I am confident there will be some kind of conflict!

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