InDepth Post 5

Now that I have started doing some of my own choreography I am beginning to feel like my hard work and practice is paying off. I am still seeing my mentor Sarah once a week and am continuing to learn from her. Sarah has provided lots of learning opportunities that expose me to new learning such as group choreography assignments where we are given different topics or words to inspire us and work in large or small groups to develop our own choreography. Opportunities like this help me to push myself creatively and allow me to learn from and be inspired by the other people in my group. Some opportunities that help accelerate my learning are teaching my own choreography to other people. This means that I not only have thought out the combo or piece well but have a strong understanding of it that allows me to clearly explain the choreography to someone else. When I get together with Sarah we talk a lot about artistry and commercial dance. Sarah and I talk about avoiding over sexualisation in dance as over the last few years commercial dance has become increasingly provocative. Dance is more about the communication of an emotion or story than being provocative. Right now my ability to learn from Sarah and improve quickly is going especially well. I think the reason I am learning so quickly is because Sarah is such a wonderful and passionate teacher! It also helps that I am really enjoying this journey and am excited to learn and improve. I am learning a lot about Sarah as an artist lately. Even though I have had her as a teacher for a few years I am now paying closer attention to how she choreographs and moves. This is super interesting to me and very inspiring! I am very pleased with how my In Depth project is going and I am really excited for In Depth night to present what I have learned over the past couple months.

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